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Unemployment Law

You can appeal a decision that denies you unemployment benefits (employee) or grants benefits to your former employee (employer). There are three levels of appeal and our firm can help with all three levels.

  • Level One: Appeals Tribunal
  • Level Two: Board of Review
  • Level Three: Chancery Court

Unemployment Appeals

We offer a representation for Levels One and Two on a flat fee basis. For Chancery Court appeals, we charge an hourly rate. The number of hours involved depends on the complexity of the case. Payment plans are available.

Prevail With Representation

For employees, an appeal of unemployment benefits denied can be very beneficial if you prevail. Don’t allow the employer to be the only one at the hearing with an attorney. You need to present a compelling case in an organized and brief fashion, since the time allotted by the government for these hearings is very short. An attorney can help you prepare your evidence and articulate an effective explanation of why you are deserving of benefits.

Employer Representation

For employers, an employee who voluntarily left employment or was discharged for misconduct can still request unemployment benefits. If you feel that the grant of unemployment benefits is improper, you are entitled to appeal that decision and present your evidence at a hearing. Every employee who receives unemployment benefits is counted against your company when it is time to determine your assessment for State Unemployment taxes.

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