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People who are facing divorce often have high expectations. Often, family members or friends tell others what to expect during the process, assuming their experience will be true for everyone. In reality, each person’s divorce is based on the factors in his or her life, and the most effective way to learn how Tennessee’s divorce laws will affect you is by working with an experienced Knoxville divorce lawyer.

At the Lope Law | Law office, we provide individuals throughout East Tennessee with honest assessments of their situation, options and possible outcomes. Our team of lawyers have decades of experience, providing clients with knowledge and experience they can trust.

Representation In Divorce Mediation

Many people who contact our firm have unrealistic expectations of the divorce process. Some people have the misconception that they will be able to receive full custody of their kids, and keep all their money and property. They think that working with an aggressive lawyer will help them achieve that goal.

In reality, Tennessee courts often prefer that assets be divided equally, and family law judges are always committed to protecting the best interests of the children. Our attorneys help clients achieve those outcomes, often without going to court. However, if we are unable to obtain a fair settlement for our clients, we will not hesitate to protect your rights in court.

Trial can be stressful, time-consuming, expensive and draining to one’s soul. Especially when there are children involved, going to trial is not always in the children’s best interest. Mediation gives clients control over their destiny after and/or during a divorce or custody dispute. This is much more satisfying than having to live with a judge’s decision that may not be favorable to either party.

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When individuals contact us, we listen to their stories to determine whether they have strong cases. Then, we provide an honest assessment of their legal options and the possible outcomes. Whether your concerns are related to family law, juvenile representation or criminal defense, we can help. Contact us to schedule a free telephone consultation. Contact us today at 865-673-0330

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